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(SupportedEvent)Build a Secure Cyberspace“Smart Home, Safe Living” 1-Page Comic Drawing Contest
共建安全網絡2017「智慧家居 安全生活」一頁漫畫創作比賽

Submission Period from 3 April 2017 (Monday) to 7 July 2017 (Friday) 

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Hong Kong Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Centre have jointly organised the annual “Build a Secure Cyberspace” promotional campaign on information security since 2005. The objective of the “Smart Home, Safe Living” 1-Page Comic Drawing Contest is to raise public awareness of information security and encourage the adoption of security best practices, with a view to enhancing public concern about the security of Internet devices.

政府資訊科技總監辦公室、香港警務處及香港電腦保安事故協調中心每年合辦「共建安全網絡」資訊保安推廣活動。「智慧家居 安全生活」一頁漫畫創作比賽旨在提升大眾對資訊保安的認知,並推廣採用良好保安作業模式,以加強大眾對網絡裝置安全的關注。

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