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Interactive Series Seminar 3: Get ready to be a Professional Information Engineer

Date, time & venue

2010-11-19;6:30PM to 8:00PM;HKIE Seminar Room

Jointly organized with INF Discipline and CityU CS Alumni Association

Programme Highlights


This seminar aims to let IT practitioners familiar with the various routes to obtain the professional qualification from Information Discipline of HKIE. The academic and experience requirements and professional assessment of different routes will be discussed. Professional assessment issues including responsible experience, CPD, the assessment approach and key interview skills will be discussed. Experience on preparing and attending the Professional Assessment will be shared by newly enrolled young members. This seminar is suitable to young engineers working in IT related industries who want to become a Professional Information Engineer through HKIE.




Ir. Dr. C L Chan

Ir. Dr. C L Chan is chairman of INF Discipline Advisory Panel and an experienced interviewer of conducting Professional Assessment for Information Discipline.


Mr. Albert Chow

Mr. Albert CHOW is currently the Director of Qualifications of the HKIE and the Registrar of the Engineers Registration Board established under the Engineers Registration Ordinance. Mr. CHOW has extensive experience in accreditation, training, continuing professional development and international recognition.



Are you ready to become an Information Engineer? May be the interaction Series Seminar 3 could provide you with an answer!  Ir. Dr. C. L. Chan, Chairman of Information Discipline Advisory Panel and Mr. Albert Chow, Director of Qualifications were invited to give a seminar titled “Get Ready to be a Professional Information Engineer” on 19 November 2010 at HKIE Headquarter. The seminar aims to provide an opportunity for young engineers to understand the views from assessors or interviewers and the passing criterion of the professional assessment which is a critical task of obtaining professional qualification specifically in Information discipline. Over 40 audiences attended the seminar, including Scheme A trainees, academics and information technology professionals.

Ir. Dr. L.F. Kwok, the Chairman of IT Division, gave a brief introduction on the purposes of the interaction series seminars and a warm welcome to the speakers. In the first part of the seminar, Mr. Chow began with an introduction to the seven routes to membership of HKIE. In the second part of the seminar, Ir. Dr. Chan stated that the main purpose of Professional Assessment is to ascertain the candidate competence in information discipline. The Professional Assessment mainly comprises of two components: interview and essay writing. The interview gives an opportunity to the candidate to demonstrate their abilities in 4 major areas: Application of theory to practice, Delivery of works and services in professional manner, Professionalism, and Engineering processes & management. The essay writing in English is to be taken in 2 hours in which candidates should express his thoughts and ideas in a clear and concise manner. To better allow the audiences to experience the real path to get the membership, the organizer has also invited a candidate who has just obtained the corporate membership of HKIE in Information Discipline to share his personal experience in preparing the experience report and in personal assessment.

In the interactive discussion session, many questions had been asked about whether specific CPD is required towards membership application, the relevance of the working experience, the selection of topics in easy writing, as well as the how to




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