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Technical Seminar: Hybrid Cloud – Challenges and Opportunities

Date, time & venue

2017-01-10;6:30-8:00 pm;Yat Mei Chan Sophia Room at HKIE Headquarter

Jointly organized by ITD, CAD & AMC

Program Highlights

Public cloud’s services renders over a network and is open for public use. Private cloud’s services is solely for a single/private organization. Hybrid cloud, which is a composition of public cloud and private cloud, is becoming more popular. In this seminar, speaker will share ideas behind the popularity of hybrid cloud system among the following attributes of the cloud services:
  • Necessity: There are shortages with public cloud and private cloud, which lead to necessity of hybrid cloud.
  • Benefits: Hybrid cloud does provide remarkable benefits, which drive the popularity of hybrid cloud.
  • Challenges: There are challenges while implementing hybrid cloud-based systems. Such challenges must be properly catered in order to successfully deploy a hybrid cloud-based system.
  • Opportunities: One should properly equip up oneself in certain aspects so as to be a highly capable software engineer in cloud computing and be able to grasp the opportunities due to the raising popularity of hybrid cloud.


Presentation delivered in Cantonese and Powerpoint in English


After graduated from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Mr Loki Ng joined the Appcara Limited and started his career in cloud-based systems design and development. Now, he is the Technical Manager of the Appcara Limited.

Registration & Enquiries

The seminar is free of charge with maximum of participants of 80. Please enroll online via For enquiries, please contact Ir. Raymond Lui, at 6486 2296. Attendance certificate will be awarded after seminar.





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