Annual Conference
  Date Events
    22/05/2014 HKIE ITD Annual Conference 2014
    22/05/2014 HKIE ITD Annual Dinner 2014
    29/04/2013 Annual Dinner
    19/04/2013 Annual Conference and Exhibition on Hong Kong-Shenzhen Information Technology Innovation and Application
    11/05/2012 Information Technology Division Annual Dinner 2012
    29/04/2011 Annual Conference and Dinner - Digital Information Management, Security and Compliance
    16/04/2010 Annual Conference and Dinner 2010: The Way to Digital City - Sustainable Information Infrastructure and Solutions
    24/04/2009 Annual Conference 2009
    25/04/2008 IT Division annual conference and dinner 2008 (Collaboration with IT industry in the PRC: opportunities in Hong Kong and annual di
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