The Robocon Hong Kong Contest, organised by HKSTP and co-organised by HKIE, celebrated its 20 th anniversary and continues to:
  • Arouse the interest in and awareness of engineering and IT among the public, in particular university and secondary school students.
  • Encourage the design and construction of robots, providing real experience for post-secondary students and future engineers.
  • Set a joint project target for various university departments, requiring cooperation between students studying mechanical engineering, electronics and computer programming.
  • Serve as a platform for local universities and colleges to exchange experiences in engineering.
  • Select the strongest team to represent Hong Kong in the international contest.
  • Provide a valuable chance for local students to exchange engineering experiences with students from other countries/ regions through the international contest.
  • Provide exposure for local universities on an international stage.
  • Promote the image of Hong Kong in higher education.
  • Promote engineering concepts among the public by means of television coverage.
The 2023 contest was successfully held on June 25, 2023, at Hong Kong Science Park. 14 contestant teams from various Hong Kong higher education institutions applied their engineering and information technology knowledge to develop innovative and dedicated robots for the competition with the theme “Casting Flowers Over Angkor Wat” 「花落誰家」.

For details, please visit the event webpage at and congratulations again to all the winning teams.