Robocon 2018 – Hong Kong Contest

Jointly organized by HKIE and HKSTP

The Robocon 2018 Hong Kong Contest has been successfully held at the Hong Kong Science Park on 24 June 2018. The winning team, “Fiery Dragon”, will represent Hong Kong to participate the Asian Oceanian College Robot Competition to be held in August in Vietnam.

This annual Robocon contest provided an excellent opportunity for Hong Kong’s young science and engineering students to showcase their innovative robotics design and knowledge.  In the 2018 game, each team are given a few shuttlecocks and needs to design two robots, one manual and one automatic robot. The manual robot needs to hand the shuttlecocks to the automatic robot, which attempts to throw the shuttlecocks through the rings. The winner can be achieved by points, or by immediate KO if the robots successfully throw the shuttlecocks through three rings, and for the highest ring, the shuttlecock lands on a golden disk on the opposite side.